Quantifoil hole sizes off?

D. Prabha Dias, PhD prabha at caltech.edu
Mon Feb 23 17:44:47 PST 2004

Hello all-
  We've found that recent batches of Quantifoil grids have hole sizes 
that are significantly larger than the specifications.  We're using 
200 mesh Cu/Rh grids with either R2/2 foil or R1.2/1.3 foil, 
carbon-coated at the factory.  The most recent batch of R2/2 appears 
to have holes that are approximately 2.7-2.8 microns in size, while 
the R1.2/1.3 foil appear to actually have ~1.9 - 2.2 micron holes. 
Has anyone else had similar experiences?  Thank you for your time & 


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