3DEM and ototlith images

msmale at bayworld.co.za msmale at bayworld.co.za
Wed Nov 26 04:10:25 PST 2003

Dear Colleagues,
I am interested in the possibilities of using 3DEM for capturing, 
visualizing and comparing the morphology of fish otoliths (earstones). 
Some time ago we used 2D images to illustrate otolith morphology for 
both prey identification and the potential for use in systematic studies. 
3D EM's are, as far as I have been able to find out to date, unavailable 
in South Africa.

I would be most grateful for any references or comments from your 
group on your ideas on these possibilities - indeed, if they have been 
used by other workers.

I have tried to use 3D studio on a scanned 2D image and it left a lot to 
be desired, partly because the 3D information is assumed from shades 
of grey that occur on the scanned image. This has obvious drawbacks.

If anyone is aware of a facility that I could try, I would be very grateful.

Thank you and best wishes,

Malcolm Smale
M.J. Smale (PhD)
Port Elizabeth Museum, P.O. Box 13147, Humewood, 6013, South 
Beach Road, Humewood, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Tel. (Int. -27-41) (SA 041) - 584 0650, Fax. (Int/SA) -  584 0661
email: msmale at bayworld.co.za

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