Post-doctoral position in cryo-electron microscopy of vitreous sections

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Postdoctoral position in cryo-electron microscopy of vitreous sections.

Dear Colleagues

The 3dem community is well aware of the advantage of cryo-em of single
particles in thin vitrified films. It is a great pity that thick objects
such as cells and tissues can¹t be observed in the same way.
Can¹t they? 
Yes they can with Cryo-Electron Microscopy of Vitreous Sections (CEMOVIS).
The great news is that CEMOVIS is now ready for practical use. It starts to
show its extraordinary capability.
The trouble is that CEMOVIS is a demanding technique. It requires that
comparatively large volumes of biological material are vitrified and cut
into thin vitreous sections. It requires skill, experience and obstinacy.

We have been working on CEMOVIS since 20 years and we feel the method is
ripe now. CEMOVIS makes it possible to preserve cells and tissues in native
state down to atomic resolution. What CEMOVIS shows is surprisingly
different from what is known from previous studies and is shown with much
finer details. The limitation is no more set by the preservation of the
specimen, but by our capability of retrieving the overabundant information
in the image. Computer tomography will be essential for further development.
We are working in close collaboration with Baumeister¹s group in Munich
Good results have been slow to come, but they are now flowing in a rapidly
growing stream. Please consult the following references.
Dubochet, J., and N. Sartori Blanc. 2001. The cell in absence of aggregation
artifacts. Micron, 32:91-99.
Leforestier, A., J. Dubochet, and F. Livolant. 2001. Bilayers of nucleosome
core particles. Biophys. J., 81:2414 - 2421.
Sartori Blanc, N., A. Senn, A. Leforestier, F. Livolant, and J. Dubochet.
2001. DNA in Human and Stallion Spermatozoa Forms Local Hexagonal Packing
with Twist and Many Defects. Journal of Structural Biology, 134:76-81.
Selected as ³Article of the year² by the Journal of Structural Biology

We are looking for a post-doctoral scientist experienced with cryo-electron
microscopy  in order to reinforce our group in this exciting time.  The
position is available now.
A position for a PhD student is also available.

Please consult our web site for more information:

Prof. Jacques DUBOCHET
Laboratoire d'Analyse Ultrastructurale
Bâtiment de Biologe
Université de Lausanne
CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
+21 692 42 80 / Fax: +21 692 41 05
Jacques.Dubochet at

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