ADV: 20% off Cytokine Arrays detect 79 cytokines

Dr. Gary Lee email at
Mon Jun 23 04:59:41 PDT 2003

RayBiotech, Inc. 
The Protein Array Pioneer Company 

Developer of Advanced Protein Array Products.
With our Patent Pending Technology , you can detect 79 human or 32 mouse cytokines, 
chemokines, growth factors and angiogenic factors in one experiment! 

Enhanced Efficiency, Affordable, Reliable, Highly Sensitive
  No Sophisticated Equipment Required, Any Lab Setting 
No Sample Preparation Needed

20% off all Cytokine Array System
10% off all Antibodies, Growth Factors, and Cytokines 

Offer ends Jun 30, 2003 

Please Visit, email to info at or 
call 1-888-494-8555 for detailed information. 

Dr. Gary Lee, Ph.D. 
RayBiotech, Inc. 

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* Please mention quotation # at time of ordering. Offer good for US customers only. 

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