Post-doctoral at Scripps

Francisco Asturias asturias at
Wed Sep 18 15:42:27 PDT 2002

A post-doctoral position is available in the laboratory of Francisco
Asturias at the new Center for Integrative Molecular Biosciences
(CIMBio) at The Scripps Research Institute.  The work will focus on
structural analysis of complexes involved in eukaryotic transcription
and its regulation, and chromatin structure remodeling.

We are using single particle macromolecular electron microscopy to
determine the structure of the RNA polymerase II pre-initiation complex,
of the RNA polymerase II/Mediator holoenzyme, and of complexes that
regulate transcription through their effect on chromatin structure.
More information about the research can be found in our web site

CIMBio hosts a number of research groups using a variety of techniques
to advance the understanding of the structure and mechanism of
macromolecular machines, and includes a world-class electron microscopy
facility.  Computing resources are provided by the Research Computing
Department at TSRI, which runs one of the largest SGI computer clusters
in the country.

Interested applicants should send an e-mail including a CV to:

asturias at

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