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Hi, all,

I received the following message, answering our ad for a Research 
Specialist in EM.  Since we have just filled our position, I offered to 
pass it on.


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>Subject: Research Specialist I opening
>To: Dr. Joachim Frank, Howard Hughes Medical Center
>Good Evening, Dr. Frank
>         I am applying for the position of Research Specialist I on 15 
> January 2002 in the Microscopy Society of America's website 
> (http://www.msa.microscopy.com). While I am not a good fit for the 
> position listed, I belive I am a good candidate for a position as an 
> operator of EM equipment rather than a manager should there be such a 
> position open.
>         I am a recent college graduate with a degree in BioTechnology, 
> and have been employed in a commercial bacteriology laboratory for over a 
> year. I am therefore familiar with both the slow, methodical, teaching 
> environment of a college laboratory as well as the more demanding and 
> stressful environment of a commercial laboratory.
>         In the course of my undergraduate studies, I opted to take 
> courses in both scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron 
> microscopy. TEM was by far the most enjoyable course of my college 
> career, as well as one of the most challenging. I was responsible for 
> every aspect of sample processing, including specimen collection, 
> dehydration, infiltration, curing, sectioning (both thick and thin), 
> staining, observation, photography, identification, and presentation. 
> While I was unfortunately not able to immediately take a position in the 
> electron microscopy field, I still have a very strong desire to make a 
> career for myself in EM.
>         Attached in MS Word format is my resume for your review. Please 
> feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have at 
> either this email address (egon at nac.net), or at (973-726-4228).
>Thank you very much for your consideration.
>Christopher Hayden
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