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Thu Feb 14 10:03:14 PST 2002


A postdoctoral position to work on the structural characterization of
transcription and DNA repair complexes by electron microscopy and image
analysis is open within the Nogales Lab at Berkeley. The position is
available immediately and is funded for four years by NIH. The candidate
will work within a highly interactive and collaborative environment,
with world-experts in the biochemistry of human transcription regulation
and DNA-repair mechanisms. Our technical facilities are outstanding and
include two 300 keV, FEG, helium-cooled microscopes, one of them with an
in-column energy filter, a JEOL 4000, a CM-200F, and a Tecnai 12, most
of them equipped with CCDs. We have four leaf scanners and one Nikon
Scanner, as well as a Vitrobot for sample vitrification. Our computer
resources include four SGIs, one Dec alpha machine, and a large PC
cluster. The lab is supported by Howard Hughes Medical Institute and
belongs to both the UC Berkeley campus and the Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory. Berkeley and the Bay area are unique scientific
environments with innumerable possibilities for academic and technical
Interested individuals please send CV and contact information of three
references to this e-mail address.  


Eva Nogales
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Molecular and Cell Biology Department, LSA 355 #3200
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-3200

Phone: (510) 642-0557		Fax: (510) 642-8806			 enogales at
(510) 643-6411		Teresa Tucker, Assistant to Eva Nogales

Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Lab
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