2003 3DEM Gordon Conference

Kenneth A. Taylor taylor at bio.fsu.edu
Tue Feb 12 16:02:20 PST 2002


I just wanted to let you know what I have learned about our next 
conference from the Chairs Meeting that I went to a couple of 
weekends ago.  First of all, the date for our next conference is June 
22-27, 2003.  Please pass this information on and please mark your 

I know that you will be disappointed to hear this, but our next 
Conference will not be held at Roger Williams Univ.  Instead we have 
been given Colby-Sawyer College.  For those that have been to 
Colby-Sawyer, we will be the large conference (they usually host 2 
conferences, the other that week is "Coastal Ocean Circulation"). 
Because we are the large conference, we will have the large lecture 
hall and the large reception hall above the Dining room.  For those 
unfamilair with Colby-Sawyer, it is a real nice site, in some ways 
better than Roger Williams.  They have good coffee!

Don't apply to the 3DEM meeting this year, but I look forward to 
hearing from you next year.

Cheers -- Ken

PS.  Some of you will get this twice because I am posting it to the 
3DEM bulletin board.  Sorry for the inconvenience. 
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