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Fri Aug 30 15:13:42 PDT 2002

Postdoctoral Positions at New York University
Structural Biology of ATP-dependent Ion Pumps

Postdoctoral research position available for x-ray and electron
crystallographic studies of ATP-dependent ion pumps.  Members of this
protein family directly use ATP to transport various ions across cell
membranes and thus represent the primary mechanism for establishing
and maintaining ion gradients that are used by a variety of channels
and carrier proteins.  Previous study of these pumps has contributed
not only to our understanding of ion transport, but to general
concepts for energy transduction by proteins: i.e., how to use the
chemical energy of ATP to do work.

Our laboratory is interested in the structural basis of ion transport
and has specifically characterized some of the conformational states
adopted during the reaction cycle.  Our aims are to understand the
structural dynamics that drive the reaction cycle for ion transport
and the architectural specializations that lead to autoregulation.  We
study a variety of members of this family, including eukaryotic pumps
for calcium and sodium as well as a number of bacterial pumps
specializing in metal ions like copper, zinc and cadmium.  Both
cryoelectron microscopy and x-ray crystallography are being employed
for structure determination and a variety of computational tools are
being used for modelling conformational changes and enzymatic states
that are not experimentally accessible.  Other methods include
heterologous protein expression in E. coli, protein purification,
reconstitution and functional analysis, 2D and 3D crystallization.
Our laboratory is part of a Structural Biology Program in the Skirball
Institute at New York University School of Medicine, located in
midtown Manhattan.  Wages will be comparable to the NIH standard and
NYU-managed housing is available.  Interested candidates with
experience in the above methods should send c.v. and names of three
references either to stokes at or to the contact
information below.

David L. Stokes
Skirball Institute
NYU Medical Center
540 First Ave
New York, NY 10016
tel and FAX: 212-263-1580

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