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Mon Apr 8 02:09:00 PDT 2002

Situs 2.0 release announcement                         April 8, 2002

The Computational Structural Biology group at The Scripps Research
Institute, La Jolla, California, is happy to announce the public release
of Situs 2.0.

Situs is a package for combining multi-resolution data from a variety of
biophysical sources, including electron microscopy, small-angle X-ray
scattering, and X-ray crystallography. This software is distributed free
of charge and includes the C source code, online tutorials, and
documentation. The development is supported by NIH.

A full description of Situs 2.0 and a list of references is available at
the home page:

What's new in Situs 2.0?

o Addition of CoLoRes (Contour-based Low-Resolution docking), a
   robust rigid-body search tool for large biomolecular assemblies.
   The search is FFT-accelerated and supported by an optional
   Laplacian filter that enhances the fitting contrast at medium
   to low resolution. This new correlation-based tool performs
   a full exhaustive search in 6D space (3 translational and 3
   rotational degrees of freedom) within a few hours of compute
   time. See our new article in the March 29 issue of J. Mol.
   Biol: Chacon & Wriggers, JMB 317:375-384, 2002.

o Ported to Windows DOS shell, Windows / Cygwin, MacOS X, in
   addition to a variety of UNIX flavors.

o General improvements and bug fixes

We encourage Situs users to be closely involved in the development
process through reporting bugs, contributing fixes and source code modules.

Thank you for using our software!


Pablo Chacon, Stefan Birmanns, and Willy Wriggers
Department of Molecular Biology, TPC6
The Scripps Research Institute
10550 North Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, California 92037
E-mail: situs at
Tel: (858)784-8823
Fax: (858)784-8688

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