Call for Papers for Microscopy Book Series

FORMATEX micro at
Fri Apr 5 14:14:16 PST 2002

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Dear colleague

In the very next future, FORMATEX, a technological 
organization located in Badajoz (Spain), in collaboration with
the Physics Department of the University of Extremadura (UEx),
will edit a series of  books on the science and technology of Microscopy,
as well as 
on educational applications. This letter is to invite you to 
take part of this edition, since we are searching for contributors
from all microscopy techniques and applications. Information on 
the Call for Paper for this edition is available at

For enquiries about this edition, please contact us at micro at,
or directly to the editor:

A.Mendez Vilas
Physics Department
University of Extremadura
Avda. de Elvas s/n
06071 Badajoz
E-mail: amvilas at

We hope to hear from you soon 


J.A. Mesa Gonzalez
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