Electron Crystallography School in Barcelona July 2001

Sven Hovmoeller svenh at struc.su.se
Tue Mar 13 06:05:37 PST 2001

Dear Friends,

There will be an Electron Crystallography School in Barcelona July 23-27 2001.
The school will cover cryo-electron microscopy techniques and
crystallography. You will get lectures from internationally well-known
scientists in the field and hands-on labs (every afternoon) on EM, cryo and
image processing.

 We have generous economical support from EU, allowing us to give grants to
all European scientists under 35 and also to some others if they need!

 Please look at the website http://gene.upc.es/wem2001/    for further
information and registration.

The lecturers include
J.L. Carrascosa (Madrid)
A. Brisson (Groningen)
P. Bullough (Sheffield)
M. Radermacher (Frankfurt)
J.R. Caston (Madrid)
S. Hovmoeller (Stockholm)

Kind regards

Sven Hovmoeller et al.
organisers of the EC School
Sven Hovmoeller, Professor
Structural Chemistry
Stockholm University
S-106 91 Stockholm
Sweden 		 e-mail svenh at struc.su.se
Tel +46 8 16 23 80	Fax +46 8 16 31 18
Secretary of the IUCr commission on Electron Diffraction
Next Electron Crystallography School Barcelona 23-27 July 2001:
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