Post-doctoral and graduate positions in electron microscopy

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Fri Feb 9 02:50:18 PST 2001

The are two post-doctoral and one post-graduate positions available 
in the Muscle Group at Leeds University, UK, each for a period of 3 
years. The Leeds Muscle Group specialises in high resolution electron 
microscopy and single particle image processing of molecular motors. 
We also have expertise in time-resolved cryo-EM.

One post-doctoral position and the PhD studentship both concern the 
mechanisms of force production and regulation in myosin molecules. 
The aim is to define shape changes, including during interaction with 
actin, using wild type and mutant members of the myosin superfamily. 
In this work we collaborate with Howard White (Norfolk, VA), Jim 
Sellers (NIH, Bethesda) and Joe Chalovitch (Charlottesville).

The other post-doctoral position involves studies of the V-ATPase 
rotary motor and is a collaboration with John Findlay and Mike 
Harrison at Leeds. Parallel X-ray crystallography and NMR studies on 
the V-ATPase subunits are in progress with Simon Philips and Steve 
Homans at Leeds.

A background in structural biology will be an advantage and 
applicants with skills in mathematics or computing are especially 
welcome. In addition to 3 conventional TEMs, state-of-the-art 
facilities include a 200kV FEG cryo-EM to be installed in 2001 and a 
new Alpha 8CPU cluster with 16GB RAM.  Leeds University  has one of 
the largest  and most vigorous groups in structural biology in UK. 
The University has 25000 undergraduates and Leeds is a thriving city. 
The countryside to the north is outstandingly beautiful

Recent Muscle Group publications include:

1.	Walker, M. L., Burgess, S. A., Sellers, J. R., Wang, F., III, 
J. A. H., Trinick, J., and 			        Knight, P. 
J., Two-headed Binding of a Processive Myosin to F-actin, Nature, 
405, 804-807 (2000).

2.	Walker, M., Zhang, X. Z., Jiang, W., Trinick, J., and White, 
H. D., Observation of transient disorder during myosin subfragment-1 
binding to actin by stopped-flow fluorescence and millisecond time 
resolution electron cryomicroscopy: Evidence that the start of the 
crossbridge power stroke in muscle has variable geometry, Proc. Nat. 
Acad. Sci. (USA), 96, 465-470 (1999).

3.	White, H. D., Walker, M. L., and Trinick, J., A computer 
controlled spray-freezing apparatus for millisecond time-resolution 
electron cryo-microscopy., J. Struct. Biol., 121, 306-313 (1998).

4.	Burgess, S. A., Walker, M., White, H. D., and Trinick, J., 
Flexibility within Myosin Heads Revealed by Negative Stain and 
Single-Particle Analysis., J. Cell Biol., 139, 675-681 (1997).

See for more background.

To apply please contact Mrs Debbie Jones, School of Biomedical 
Sciences, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT, tel: +44 (0)113 233 4225, 
email: d.jones at
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