Research Specialist I Position

Elizabeth M. Cavosie emc04 at
Thu Feb 8 09:00:18 PST 2001

Research Specialist I Position in Cryo Electron Microscopy with the Howard
Hughes Medical Institute located at the Wadsworth Center in Albany, NY

Responsibilities include: Managing cryo-EM operations, coordinate instrument
use, ensure optimum instrument performance.  Maintain ancillary equipment,
generate high-quality resolution data for a variety of projects (3D imaging of
macromolecular complexes).  Train all levels of users in cryo-EM techniques,
coordinate projects where automation or instrumentation the staff need to be
utilized.  Advise and arrange new equipment purchases.  Keep apprised of latest
techniques by reading publications and keeping in contact with the 3D EM
community.  Help with technical input in grant applications and publications.
     Required Qualifications: BS in Biology or Physics, 2 years experience in an
EM Laboratory.
     Preferred Qualifications: Laboratory management experience; experience with
Cryo-EM; effective communication skills for training and presentations;
familiarity with computers and ancillary equipment; time management skills for
scheduling use of equipment and performing experiments.
     Please send your CV and the names of three references to Dr. Joachim Frank,
Center, PO Box 509, Albany, New York, 12201-0509; Fax: 518-486-2191, email:
joachim at

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