Uranyl formate availability

Chris Gilpin cgilpin at man.ac.uk
Wed Jun 21 07:17:00 PDT 2000

Dear List

Some months ago I tried to source uranyl formate for use as a negative stain
in our 3D work. I was unsuccessful!
I guess two questions spring up

1) Was I thorough and therefore is there a source that I missed?

2) There is no current source - therefore should I investigate getting a
tame chemist/supplier or similar to make some?

Before going for option 2 I need the answer to option1.

Before going to option 2 I would need to gauge whether there was a wider
interest in getting some made - larger quantities/cheaper.

If you wish to reply off list then I will summarise and reply to the list.

Many thanks


Chris Gilpin
Experimental Officer
Biological Sciences EM Unit
G452 Stopford Building
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M13 9PT
phone +44 0161 275 5170
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