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Pfizer Structural & Molecular Sciences group (Groton, CT) has an opening for Senior Scientist, cryo-EM (Job ID: 4737453) and the candidate can apply the job in the link below.

Thanks in advance for your interest!

Seungil Han


Senior Scientist - Cryo-EM

Job ID: 4737453

Location: United States-Connecticut-Groton Role Description

We have an open position at the Senior Scientist level for a cryo-EM position in the Structural and Molecular Sciences (SMS) group at our Groton, CT Pfizer Research and Development campus. The SMS group is a multidisciplinary group with established expertise in molecular biology, protein biochemistry, protein mass spectrometry, enzymology, NMR, biophysics, protein X-ray crystallography and cryo-EM. Our mission is to provide integrated molecular insights into drug targets, lead compounds and target-compound & -antibody interactions to advance discovery efforts across multiple therapeutic areas, including Inflammation and Immunology, Vaccines, Biologicals, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases and Rare Diseases.

We have recently established a state-of-the-art cryo-EM infrastructure at Groton, equipped with an FEI Titan Krios microscope with a Gatan K2 Summit direct electron detector, GIF energy filter and VPP for high resolution data collection, a FEI TF20 microscope with a Gatan OneView detector for sample characterization, and a dedicated computer cluster and GPU boxes for data processing and refinement.

As a Senior Scientist, you will have experience with all aspects of structure determination by cryo-EM technology including sample preparation, data collection, data processing using state-of-art software, and 3-D reconstruction. You will also be familiar with the hardware and computing skills associated with EM such as microscope, direct electron detector, sample robot, computer cluster, etc. and their maintenance. Equally important will be your ability to collaborate successfully with other scientists in the department and with biologists and chemists in multiple drug discovery teams. You will eventually be expected to understand the critical issues and challenges faced by different drug discovery programs within Pfizer and design suitable experimental strategies based on cryo-EM techniques to positively impact drug discovery.


*  Independently undertake cryo-EM studies of targets that are of interest to Pfizer. The proposed work will involve all aspects of cryo-EM structure determination including preparation of suitable grids, analysis by negative staining, cryo-EM data collection, class averaging, 3D-reconstruction and refinement.

*  Deliver novel scientific insights for the design of small molecule ligands as well as biologicals, vaccines and viral capsids for gene therapy.

*  Establish productive collaborations with other SMS colleagues and form partnerships with colleagues from research units and other departments.

*  Leveraging your cryo-EM expertise, provide consultation and guidance to colleagues from other SMS labs for EM studies and serve as a valuable resource for the entire department.

*  Rapidly advance projects by timely problem solving and crisp decision making.

*  Clearly communicate with project team members and other Pfizer colleagues.

*  Consistently record your experimental results in an electronic laboratory notebook and comply with all Pfizer safety policies.

*  Champion internal and external scientific publications and presentations to promote career growth and to bring enhanced visibility to the department and Pfizer.


*  Doctoral degree or equivalent in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Physics, Chemistry or related field.

*  Postdoctoral training in cryo-EM with 2-5 years of industrial or academic experience.

*  Proven ability to independently design and conduct state-of-the-art single particle cryo-EM experiments, leading to a strong track record of successful outcomes with publications in top tier journals.

*  Must be able to thrive and deliver results in a fast paced, dynamic and highly multi-tasking environment.

*  Skills in molecular biology and protein biochemistry are highly desirable.

*  Broad knowledge in protein characterization, structural biology, biophysics and computational chemistry.

*  Demonstrated ability to work independently and in teams in an inclusive manner

*  Proven scientific influence via strong interpersonal and communication skills; passionate about using structural data to influence key scientific decisions. Has the skill and drive to grow into a thought leader.
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