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Tue Feb 19 12:20:49 PST 2019

I am posting the postdoc position below for a colleague in Oxford.





Dear all


We are looking for a Postdoctoral Research Scientist to join Professor Christian Siebold's group located in the Division of Structural Biology (STRUBI), University of Oxford.


Research in the Siebold group is focused on the structural biology of mammalian cell surface signalling involved in embryonic development, neuronal guidance and stem cell regulation (see e.g. Byrne et al Nature 2016, Healey et al NSMB 2015, Bell et al Science 2013). The scope of the project involves cryo-EM analysis of membrane proteins and extracellular signalling assemblies. We are seeking a highly-motivated Postdoctoral Research Scientist to tackle this ambitious project. Experience in single particle cryo-EM of integral membrane proteins and/or large multi-protein signalling complexes is of advantage.


For more details please see:


https://www.recruit.ox.ac.uk/pls/hrisliverecruit/erq_jobspec_version_4.display_form?p_company=10 <https://www.recruit.ox.ac.uk/pls/hrisliverecruit/erq_jobspec_version_4.display_form?p_company=10&p_internal_external=E&p_display_in_irish=N&p_process_type=&p_applicant_no=&p_form_profile_detail=&p_display_apply_ind=Y&p_refresh_search=Y&p_recruitment_id=139045> &p_internal_external=E&p_display_in_irish=N&p_process_type=&p_applicant_no=&p_form_profile_detail=&p_display_apply_ind=Y&p_refresh_search=Y&p_recruitment_id=139045




Christian Siebold, PhD
Professor of Structural Biology
Cancer Research UK Senior Research Fellow

University of Oxford
Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics
Division of Structural Biology
Roosevelt Drive, Oxford OX3 7BN
United Kingdom
Email: christian at strubi.ox.ac.uk <mailto:christian at strubi.ox.ac.uk> 
Phone: (+44)-1865-287564


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