[3dem] K3 optimal dose rate & F20 parallel illumination

Garry P Morgan Garry.Morgan at Colorado.EDU
Thu Feb 14 10:18:42 PST 2019

Hello all,

i’m looking for some info on the optimal dose rate for acquiring K3 movie stacks.  i would appreciate it if any of you could send me your optimum acquisition parameters for imaging cry-samples for SPA…ie, dose rate, best frame rate/number of frames, etc.

i’m also trying to figure out how to setup my low dose so that we have parallel illumination for our record images (on an FEI Tecnai F20). the problem i see is that in microprobe the beam is spread much too wide to image/expose a single hole at a time at our record mag. is it advisable to work in nano probe to get a smaller beam that is parallel? any advice on this would be appreciated.


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