[3dem] Multiple Postdoctoral Fellowships available at the “Multiscale Research Institute for Complex Systems” at Fudan University of Shanghai

Guo Lingyue lyguo at fudan.edu.cn
Mon Feb 11 18:45:01 PST 2019

Dear All,
The Multiscale Research Institute for Complex Systems (MRICS) at Fudan University is located at the Zhangjiang Campus of Fudan University and is supported by the Shanghai High-level Talents Program.MRICS is strongly committed to the development of noveland effective multi-scale imaging technology that spans microscopic molecular structures all the way to macroscopic medical imaging, with the aim to provide unprecedented spatial and temporal insights into the structures and functions of living beings at all levels (molecules, cells, tissues, organs and even whole organisms). Specifically for structural biology, MRICS isequipped witha state-of-the-art cryo-EM facility that includesFEI Titan Krios equipped with Volta phase plate, Glacios, Talos and Aquilos. MRICS is also located next to Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility for X-ray crystallography.
Our team includes Nobel laureate and international leading interdisciplinary experts. 
We have new openings for multiple postdoctoral fellowsinstructural biologywho will be mainly involved in structural studies of important biological systems by means of X-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy including single-particle and tomography.
The applicants should have a recent Ph.D. degree(within three years of graduation)or will have a Ph.D. degree within the next six months in biology or chemistry-related fields, aredevoted to excellence in scientific research, have strong sense of responsibility, and arehighly motivated andhardworking. For these positions,extensive experience in protein expression and purification is a must, while prior experience in X-ray crystallography or cryo-EM is a plus, but is not required. 
1) We offer internationally competitive salary and fringe benefits, the level of salary will be determined according to the applicant's experience and qualification;
2) We will assist in applying for low-rent housing in Shanghai and provide certain housing subsidies;
3) We have ample opportunities to collaborate with renown laboratories worldwide;
4) We provide support for applying for funding opportunities whenever applicable. 
Shanghai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in China with strong economy and vibrant scientific community.
For interested applicants, please submit postdoctoral application packages (a combined pdf) including resumes, concise research interest statements, representative publications, phone numbers and email addresses of three academic referees to: Miss Guo (Email: lyguo at fudan.edu.cn).
We look forward to your joining of our first-class team!
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