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The RCSB Protein Data Bank (RCSB PDB,rcsb.org 
is a publicly accessible information portal for researchers and students 
interested in structural biology. At its center is the PDB Core Archive 
– the single global repository for the 3-dimensional structure data of 
biological macromolecules. These structures hold significant promise for 
the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the search for new 
drugs and in efforts to understand human disease.

The primary mission of the RCSB PDB is to provide accurate, 
well-annotated data in the most timely and efficient way to facilitate 
new discoveries and scientific advances. The RCSB PDB processes, stores, 
and disseminates these important data, and develops the software tools 
needed to assist users in depositing (in collaboration with worldwide 
PDB partners) and accessing structural information.

The RCSB PDB at Rutgers University in Piscataway, NJ has an opening for 
a Biochemical Information & Annotation Specialist (Biocurator) to 
curate, validate, and standardize macromolecular structures for 
distribution in the PDB Core Archive. Data curation is critical for 
these resources. In the case of PDB, data

are carefully reviewed and annotated by wwPDB curators before public 
release. Expert curation of data coming into PDB is critical for 
ensuring findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability 
(FAIR). Biocurators communicate daily with members of the deposition 
community, and annotate, publicly release, and update entries in the PDB 
Core Archive.

The position is an academic position with state benefit. The salary is 
compatible with faculty level.

A background in cryo-electron microscopy or small molecule 
crystallography or macromolecular crystallography is a strong advantage. 
Biological chemistry in PhD is required. Experience with metalloprotein, 
small molecules, linux computer systems, biological databases is 
preferred. The successful candidate should be self-motivated, pay close 
attention to detail, possess strong interpersonal, communication, and 
writing skills with the ability to handle multiple projects, shift 
priority, and meet deadlines.

This position offers the opportunity to participate in exciting projects 
with significant impact on the scientific community.

Please apply this job athttp://jobs.rutgers.edu/postings/84303

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