[3dem] Falcon 3 question

Wim Hagen hagen at embl.de
Thu Oct 4 11:34:11 PDT 2018

Bad news -> fast responses:
I have just been informed that the preinstallation manual currently states the storage server has to go into a separate room so no free acoustic enclosures for everyone.



> On 4. Oct 2018, at 20:04, Wim Hagen <hagen at embl.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> We keep two Falcon storage servers in the acoustic enclosure that FEI recommends, in the Arctica room, very silent. Temp is 35 degrees, not a problem, might even build a box on to dry the loading tools with the hot exhaust air from the enclosure.
> We could not go into technical room because cooling capacity was not ok.
> We could not go into IT patch room for our part of the building because IT was afraid of cooling capacity issues.
> We could not go to data center as that was over 300 m requiring single mode l we only have multi mode fibre optics.
> Since none of this storage server stuff was mentioned in the pre-installation manuals I held FEI responsible, so they threw the acoustic enclosure in, not us.
> The server is on network through 10gb and IT made a user group for approved users so they can mount it on their own machines. Mounting directly on cluster to copy data unfortunately has not been possible due to local policies. The data size is massive and does not compress well.
> We looked into external GPU’s to align on the server (we don’t use EPU but SerialEM), but now plan a separate box running Warp.
> Best,
> Wim
>> On 4. Oct 2018, at 19:46, Morgan, David Gene <dagmorga at indiana.edu> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   For those of you who have Falcon 3 cameras, what sort of server rack have you found to be best/most useful/etc.?
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