[3dem] Looking for purchase an used Tecnai Spirit TEM

shen.teminfo at gmail.com shen.teminfo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 12:20:48 PDT 2018

Dear colleagues and friends,


I hope you're doing well today. I'm looking to purchase a FEI Tecnai 12
Spirit TEM for one of my customers, would you have anything available? If
you have a similar system, we may also consider these for our ongoing


Please let me know if you have one available, or if there is any other
similar equipment you're looking to sell. 


Best Regards,



Feng Shen, PhD

TEM Consultant, specializing in 

CryoEM, Analytical S/TEM, Cs-corrected S/TEM 

Phone: +1(614)696-0322

Email: Feng.shencn at gmail.com <mailto:Feng.shencn at gmail.com> 

www.linkedin.com/in/TEMConsultant <http://www.linkedin.com/in/TEMConsultant>




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