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Mon Apr 16 22:33:02 PDT 2018

Dear All,

I would like to draw your attention to two job openings in Maastricht, The

*1. Post-doc position in cryo-electron microscopy*

The successful candidate will work on the application of a Quantum sorter
to biological samples in cryo-EM within the H2020-FETOPEN Q-sort project
(GA number: 766970, www.q-sort.eu). Post-doc candidates will bring in
expertise in at least one of the following: cryo-electron microscopy,
cryo-tomography, single particle analysis, holography electron microscopy,
quantum imaging. Experienced PhD candidates in adjacent disciplines could
also apply.

See full advert on

*2. Electron microscopy specialist (Master degree)*

The successful applicant has a strong interest in the development,
commissioning and application of cryo-EM and will become the primary
responsible of the Arctica cryo-TEM and the Scios (cryo)-FIB/SEM.

The specialist facilitates the use, development and integration of cryo-EM
among the researchers. He/she trains young scientists and research staff,
in sample preparation and imaging. He/she is responsible for maximum uptime
of the infrastructure and will develop new methods and instrumentation such
as the Vitrobot which was developed by some of us.

See full advert on

To apply for either of these positions, please connect to the links above.
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