[3dem] How to resize a cryosparc model for relion

Hamidreza Rahmani Hr13b at my.fsu.edu
Fri Apr 6 18:18:52 PDT 2018

Assuming you know the sizes, i would clip and scale it with eman:
E2proc3d oldfile.mrc newfile1.mrc --clip=s,s,s(S is the new size)

E2proc3d newfile1.mrc newfile2.mrc --scale=nN is the scaling factor.
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Hello everyone!  So I have made an initial model using cryosparc and I would like to use it for further refinement in relion, but I keep getting this error: 
MlOptimiser::read: size of reference image is not the same as the experimental images!

How can I change the size of the reference image in my cryosparc model?  

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