[3dem] putting additional 10G network card in the camera computer?

Chen, Songye songyech at caltech.edu
Sat Sep 30 08:41:45 PDT 2017

Thank you to everyone that replied and offered their help!

To summarize the replies we got, most people use that one 10Gb SFP+ fiber port provided by the K2 PC or the HP Apollo server for Falcon 3 from the factory. Some labs have put various cards, including network card and GPU card, in either computers without issues.

I would have sent my gratitude a week ago, but we are testing Thermo Fisher Scientific’s (previously known as FEI) new Falcon 3EC camera, and I thought I’d wait until I could report our experiment result. Unfortunately, ours is a big negative result. We tried to install an Intel X550 card in the HP Apollo server, and the installation created some driver problem for the on-board 10G card that prevents the camera from sending big files (i.e movies) to the server. It took Thermo Fisher Scientific engineers a week to troubleshoot, and reinstalling the driver for the on-board card solved the problem. Now Thermo Fisher Scientific wants us to pay for the time and work the engineers spent troubleshooting, because we “installed third party software or hardware modifications without the approval of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Global Technical Support group”.

I hope the 3dem discussion and our experience will help somebody who has the same question. Thanks,


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Does anybody have experience in putting additional 10G network card in the camera computer, e.g. the K2 computer or the HP file server for Falcon3? If you succeed, could you share with us what network card you use? If you have tried and failed, could you also let us know what card you tried? Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much,


Songye Chen
Biology Department
MC 114-96
California Institute of Technology
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