[3dem] Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, San Francisco, Feb. 17-21, 2018

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I am forwarding this message from Tamir and Jenny:

Dear CryoEM community,

As you well know we have had a couple of very successful years at the biophysical society meeting and next year promises to be even more exciting with top investigators presenting their work.

The cryoEM subgroup at the BPS will have the following speakers:

Elizabeth Villa, UCSD
Adam Frost, UCSF
Nuoko Mizuno, MPI
Gabriel Lander, TSRI
Brenda Schulman, MPI
Yifan Cheng, UCSF

We would like to remind you to please submit your abstracts to the BPS as soon as possible and to do so in category 10B (Electron Microscopy). The deadline is this Monday night, October 2! It is important to have a lot of abstracts uploaded in this category because then we could have a cryoEM platform session in addition to the subgroup session on Saturday.The previous cryo-EM platform sessions have attracted more than 200 people.

Looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco

Kind regards
Tamir Gonen (Chair 2018)
Jenny Hinshaw (Co Chair, Chair elect 2019)

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