[3dem] putting additional 10G network card in the camera computer?

Craig Yoshioka yoshiokc at ohsu.edu
Wed Sep 20 18:20:26 PDT 2017

I have, I’ve dropped in an Intel X540T2 10Gb NIC and GTX1060 GPU for accelerated alignment in SerialEM.

I also upgraded the machine to 128GB of RAM, this turned out to be a huge PITA since the version of Windows Server Gatan installed has an artificial 32GB limitation (that has since been removed in newer versions of Windows Server).

If you drop in new PCI cards and need to shuffle the existing cards to make things fit, you’ll have to restore the original settings for the K2 NICs carefully.  This probably includes checking the binding of K2 channels to CPU cores based on the network card slots used: otherwise you might get some intermittent problems.

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Does anybody have experience in putting additional 10G network card in the camera computer, e.g. the K2 computer or the HP file server for Falcon3? If you succeed, could you share with us what network card you use? If you have tried and failed, could you also let us know what card you tried? Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much,


Songye Chen
Biology Department
MC 114-96
California Institute of Technology
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