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Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to draw yourattention to an outstanding opportunity for an individual with leadership expertisein high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy to join the faculty in theDepartment of Biochemistry at University of Wisconsin-Madison. For moreinformation, use this url: 


We are requesting yourhelp in identifying candidates who will have the capability to carry out avigorous, externally funded research program at the forefront of the applicationor the development of cryo-electron microscopy (or both). Please feel free to forwardthis message to any individuals you think would be a suitablecandidate or contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. 

Candidates who havealready identified compelling biological research interests suitable forinvestigation by cryo-electron microscopy, who show exemplary skills in publicpresentation, teaching and scholarly writing, and who have interests in participatingin the sustainable operation of our new state-of-the-art researchinfrastructure will be given highest priority. Candidate may be at any tenure-trackrank, and we will continue our search until a suitable candidate is hired. 

The Department ofBiochemistry is leading this campus-wide initiative with support from the Officeof the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education, the School ofMedicine and Public Health, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the Collegeof Engineering, Morgridge Institute for Research, and other campus partners toassure that the start-up package and other parts of the recruitment aresufficiently compelling to attract the interest of top candidates in thisexciting and highly competitive field. To start, we have purchased a TitanKrios that will come on line in Fall 2018. A PhD-level support staff member hasbeen hired to build the awareness and collaborator base. The successfulcandidate will incorporate access to this instrument into their own researchprogram and play a leading role in shaping the deployment of the Krios microscopefor the enhancement of campus research activities. 

As one of the largest andmost vibrant research institutions in the world, UW-Madison is an excellentplace to carry out research. The campus embraces experts with interestingquestions in virtually every discipline of research that might be impacted bycryo-EM, and so opportunities to collaborate abound. We hope you will partner with us to identify thebest possible candidate to join us. 

For more information, please, feel free to contact:

Brian G. Fox                                                                                        JohnL. MarkleyChair, Department ofBiochemistry                                                     Chair,Search Committee

bgfox at biochem.wisc.edu                                                                      markley at biochem.wisc.edu 

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