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Dr. Rouslan Efremov rouslan.efremov at vub.be
Mon Sep 11 12:08:53 PDT 2017

Dear EM community,

I would like to draw your attention to an open position of EM manager at 
the VIB Center for Structural Biology in Brussels. Our cryoEM facility 
will include the new generation JEOL cryoARM300 electron microscope 
equipped with K3 detector, in column energy filter and phase plate, and 
two screening JEOL JEM-1400 120 kV microscopes. The facility will become 
fully operational in the first half of 2018 and

will serve to a large community of users including users from VIB, 
Belgium and Europe.

We are searching for a manager who will oversee the operation of the 
cryoEM facility: assist users with sample preparation, data collection, 
perform user training and ensure timely maintenance of the microscopes. 
The candidate should have an extensive experience in cryo-EM and 
preferably be familiar with operation of multiuser facilities.

VIB Center for Structural Biology houses research groups with strong 
expertise in protein biochemistry, X-ray crystallography, NMR, 
biophysics, nanobody technology and electron microscopy.Our department 
tightly collaborates with other VIB departments on cutting edge 
biological research problems ranging from human diseases to plant 

Interested candidates should apply online at 

For further inquiries please contact Rouslan 
Efremov(rouslan.efremov at vib-vub.be)


Dr. Rouslan Efremov

VIB-Center for Structural Biology
Building E, room E5.5
Pleinlaan 2


e-mail:rouslan.efremov at vib-vub.be
Tel: ++32 2 629 10 25

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