[3dem] Congratulations!

Grassucci, Robert rg2502 at cumc.columbia.edu
Wed Oct 4 16:04:52 PDT 2017

Could not think of 3 more deserving scientists and people.  Congratulations to Jacques, Joachim, and Richard!  This is a great day for the 3D CryoEM community.  Finally the recognition that is a long time coming.  I remember showing our first cryoEM images of the ribosome to some people in Joachim’s lab and them saying all I see is noise!  I would say if you squint your eyes and have a little imagination it is all there.  No stain to obscure it can’t you see?  I hope we can now all see what these three pioneers have inspired in the whole scientific community.  About time.  Can you see it now?!!!

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