[3dem] Congrats!!!

Mariena Silvestry Ramos ms3289 at cornell.edu
Wed Oct 4 07:58:26 PDT 2017

Hi all,

Congrats to one, congrats to all!!! What a joyous day for our field.

Just want to add that many of us got into the field because of the fantastic papers you all published and continue to publish. I learned about cryoEM way back on 2002 when I was working on the biochemistry of ribosomes, and once I read one of Joachim's papers, I was smitten. Little did I know I'd be going to grad school and would end up becoming a facility manager (shout out to my mentor, Phoebe Stewart!).

I'm attaching a picture I sent Joachim some time ago. I once saw it hanging somewhere in his lab and was so happy and excited. Feel free to photoshop my face for yours, Joachim, and then use it at the Nobel speech 😉.


Mariena Silvestry Ramos, PhD

Facility Manager - Electron Microscopy

Cornell Center for Materials Research

Cornell University

142 Sciences Ave - Clark Hall Room D21F

Ithaca, NY 14853

ph. 607-255-6272
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