[3dem] CryoEM/TEM Open Postdoc Position at Brookhaven National Laboratory

Huolin Xin xinhuolin at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 14:18:45 PDT 2017

The postdoctoral associate is expected to develop and perform TEM
characterization of assembly of designed bio-molecular arrays. The research
will involve the development of new approaches for cryoEM, cryoET,
cryoSTEM, liquidEM characterization of an integration of proteins, peptides
and DNA into targeted structures with multiscale organization, and analysis
of their structure and assembly processes. The work will be conducted in
the Electron Microscopy group in the Center for Functional Nanomaterials
(CFN) which houses five state-of-the-art scanning/ transmission electron
microscopes. The majority of the work will be conducted on a FEI
Environmental Titan equipped with a K2 direct-electron detector, a FEI
Talos F200X, and an aberration-corrected dedicated STEM, first two of which
have cryo-transfer, liquid-flow, low-dose, and automated data acquisition
capabilities. The successful implementation of the work requires a close
interaction with scientists working on bio-inspired self-assembly and
advanced characterization methods using x-ray scattering.

Review of applications begins immediately.  Applications will be accepted
until the position is filled. Research will be under the direction of two
well-known electron microscopists at the CFN in close collaboration with
PIs and postdocs from the Soft/Bio Group, the Biology Department, and

Position Requirements

*Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:*

·        Ph.D. in Physics, Materials Science, Chemistry or Biology

·        Solid background in Transmission Electron Microscopy with rigorous
Ph.D. training in a cryoEM or TEM group.

·        Skills in cryoEM or TEM structural characterization at the atomic

*Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:*

·         Cryo-electron microscopy, single-particle and tomography methods,
hands-on experience with TEM sample preparation, such as cryo-plunging and

*Other Information:*

BNL policy states that Research Associate appointments may be made to those
who have received their doctoral degrees within the past five years.

The EM facility in the CFN includes 5 transmission electron microscopes, 1
dual-beam FIB, and a collection of specialized holders including liquid and
gas flow holders, liquid electrochemical holders, heating holders
(single-tilt, double-tilt, and high tilt), cryo-transfer holders (single
tilt, double tilt, and high tilt), and nanoindentation holders (single and
double tilt).

*Interested candidates can apply online by clicking on the link below:*


Interested applicants are also welcome to send a CV and a one-paragraph
short description of his/her research/training background to hxin at bnl.gov.

Best Regards,
Huolin Xin, Ph.D.
Associate Scientist
Center for Functional Nanomaterials at Brookhaven National Laboratory
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
SUNY Stony Brook University
Email: xinhuolin at gmail.com
Office: 631-344-4350
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