[3dem] Opportunity at GSK Vaccines

Enrico Malito rnaelm at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 12:49:21 PDT 2017

Dear All,
The Structural Biology laboratory at GSK Vaccines, Rockville, MD, USA, is seeking an associate or senior scientist with expertise in cryo-EM and X-ray Crystallography. As a scientist at GSK Vaccines, you will work with a highly collaborative team of scientists from the pre-clinical and technical research development units, with the aim to conceive, design, and implement experiments to advance vaccine development. The focus of this position will be on structures determination, protein engineering, and antigen design of viral and/or bacterial proteins that are target candidates as vaccine components.
To apply, please follow ONE of these links, depending on the position you wish to apply for, and please specify that you are applying for the position available in the Structural Biology laboratory.
Expert Scientist
https://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_gsk/external1931/gateway.do?functionName=viewFromLink&jobPostId=329023&localeCode=en-us <https://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_gsk/external1931/gateway.do?functionName=viewFromLink&jobPostId=329023&localeCode=en-us>

Associate Scientist
https://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_gsk/external1931/gateway.do?functionName=viewFromLink&jobPostId=329034&localeCode=en-us <https://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_gsk/external1931/gateway.do?functionName=viewFromLink&jobPostId=329034&localeCode=en-us>

Best regards,
Enrico Malito, PhD
Lab Head Structural Biology & Biophysics
Preclinical R&D US
GSK Vaccines
14200 Shady Grove Road
Rockville, MD, 20850, USA
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