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Dear All,

There is no easy solution to this unnecessary problem: Leaving the GRC 
planning as is will preclude those from many Muslim countries from 
attending; Moving the 3D cryo-EM GRC to Mexico, Canada, or another Latin 
American country, will create problems for those who need to travel back 
to the US afterwards and could become locked out. Maybe the best 
solutions is to put the organization of the 3DEM GRC on halt until this 
unpleasant US Constitutional crisis has been resolved.



On 30/01/2017 20:08, Henning Stahlberg wrote:
> Dear Nancy,
> Science is open and international. The US is currently not, unfortunately.
> Until that situation is resolved, may I ask you to consider moving the 
> upcoming GRC conferences to openly accessible locations, such as 
> international conference sites as in Cancun in Mexico or in other 
> countries.
> This would allow fair and equal access of scientist from all countries 
> and religions to your conferences, and prevent a boycott movement from 
> forming.
> Your conferences in Europe and Asia are a great start.
> With best wishes,
> Henning Stahlberg.
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