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Dear Chris,

I used glow discharge in various alkylamines many years ago to spread DNA on carbon films. It was my experience that the presence of a small amount of vapour from the general surface ‘contamination’ caused by discharge in amylamine could be sufficient to disturb a subsequent glow discharge in air and prevent the formation of a strongly hydrophilic carbon surface. Because of this, we had two glow discharge machines. The glow discharge unit used with amines allowed liquid to be placed in a small reservoir separated from the chamber by a tap - so we could regulate the amount of amine vapour present at the time of the discharge.

Treatment with magnesium ions after a glow discharge in air resulted in a positively charged hydrophilic film, I cannot give details because I didn’t carry out this part of the work. I attach Table II of the paper that was published many years ago: Dubochet, J., Groom, M. & Mueller-Neuteboom, S. (1982). The mounting of macromolecules for electron microscopy with particular reference to surface phenomena and the treatment of support films by glow discharge. In Advances in Optical and Electron Microscopy (Barer, R. & Cosslett, V. E., eds.), Vol. 8, pp. 107-135. Academic Press Inc., London.

I have not kept up with the literature on this topic.

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Dear colleagues,
I am looking for input on people's experiences with glow discharging in the presence of amylamine. Has anyone used the Quorum GloQube extensively and if so can you comment on settings that have worked for you? My understanding and previous experience has been to simply place a small vial (few hundred microliters) of amylamine in the glow discharge chamber and run it as you normally would. Also, has anyone done a glow discharge followed by Mg acetate treatment to control grid surface charge, or tried other methods?
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

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