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Wed Feb 22 07:09:09 PST 2017

    Hi Alex,
Which tilt, 60 or 70 degree holders? They have different cliprings and tools, screw tool (60, thicker clipring, steeper slope) vs 'butterfly' tool (70 degree, thinner ring). 
I second more training/supervision, but our 626 70 degree holders are getting a little tired (the spring that holds the clipring in place doesn't seem as firm as it used to. No broken cliprings to date, however). We have, however, ordered new cliprings to see if it helps.
Best wishes,
Cornelia Cazey
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Dear Reinhard We are using Gatan 626 cryo-holder and JEOL JEM-1400, respectively. Thank you for a quick reply! Alex> On Feb 22, 2017, at 15:48, Reinhard Rachel  wrote:> >>>> 22.02.2017 at 15:43:>> We have a 120kV microscope that is used heavily for screening purposes.> Since >> recently we have about 5-6 active cryo users and >> a clip ring in a cryo holder being broken (not working properly) twice in 3> >> months. I wonder if this is a normal half-life period for clip rings, say, >> it’s expected that it breaks every 2-3 months of heavy usage?> > which clip-ring of specifically which type of cryo-holder in which TEM? this> is critical to know, Alex. > be aware that the new Fischione cryo-holder avoids this type of problem. worth> considering. > kind regards, Reinhard> > (Yes, it sounds that 'users' need some in-depth advice and/or training, or> need to be removed from the user list ...)> > > -- > Prof. Dr. Reinhard Rachel> University of Regensburg> Centre for EM / Anatomy> Faculty of Biology & Preclin. Med.> Universitaetsstrasse 31> D-93053 Regensburg - Germany> tel +49 941 943 -2837, -1720> mail reinhard.rachel at biologie.uni-regensburg.de> office: VKL 3.1.29 > > Next microscopy conferences:> - DGE AK PANOS: Regensburg, 7. April 2017> - Microscopy Conference 2017 (D-A-CH) Lausanne, CH> 20-25 August 2017> http://www.mc2017.ch/> - 19th International Microscopy Congress, Sydney; 9-14 Sept 2018> http://imc19.com/> - next Microbiol. conferences: > VAAM/DGHM - Annual Conf > March 5-8, 2017, Wuerzburg> _______________________________________________3dem mailing list3dem at ncmir.ucsd.eduhttps://mail.ncmir.ucsd.edu/mailman/listinfo/3dem
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