[3dem] 3DBIONOTES a new tool for structural and biomedical data viewer

Joan Segura Mora jsegura at cnb.csic.es
Tue Feb 21 00:22:14 PST 2017

 From the ELIXIR-Spanish node, the Instruct Image Processing Center at
CNB-CSIC and the Electron Microscopy Data Bank (EMDB) at the European
Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), we are very glad to present to the
community the start of a new tool, 3DBIONOTES, available at


and accessible from EMDB entries with fitted atomic models

http://emdb-empiar.org, e.g., http://emdb-empiar.org/emd-2984.

3DBIONOTES is a web tool that offers a unified view of EMDB, PDB and
UNIPROT, providing an interface to explore protein structure (EM map and
atomic models) together with biomedical annotations. In this way,
structural information is enriched with a wide range of specific protein
features, including post-translational modifications, epitope binding sites
and disease related genetic variants. Protein annotations are displayed
interactively at sequence and structural level, allowing users to easily
and interactively correlate biomedical annotations with protein sequence
and structure, helping to analyze functional implications.

For those atomic models not yet deposited at EMDB, access to 3DBIONOTES is
provided at


We are constantly improving our tools and your help will be more than
welcome. Please, contact us with any suggestion, missing functionality or
other type of data that you would like or think that could be interesting
to integrate in the application.

best wishes,
BCU team
Joan Segura Mora
Biocomputing unit
National Center of Biotechnology (CSIC)
c/Darwin, 3
Campus Universidad Autónoma (Cantoblanco)

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