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*Cryo EM Manager Position at NYU Langone School of Medicine*

NYU Langone School of Medicine is seeking a cryo-EM manager to oversee 
the operation of our expanding, state-of-the- art electron microscopy 
facility. The facility will include Titan Krios and Talos Arctica 
microscopes, both with direct detectors, for single particle EM and cryo 
electron tomography. The facility will be staffed by 3 team members, 
including the manager (this position) and two junior associates. The 
facility manager will be responsible for oversight and maintenance of 
these microscopes as well as training and assisting users, who will be 
primarily from the NYU research community. The manager will interface 
with our High Performance Computing team to ensure a seamless interface 
between data collection and data processing. The manager will also have 
the opportunity to, and will be encouraged to interact with cryo EM 
experts in the New York area and to attend key EM conferences (e.g. EM 
Gordon Conference) in order to integrate NYU with the greater EM 
community, and to implement cutting-edge techniques and technologies 
into our facility.

*Responsibilities (together with 2 other team members):*

•Maintain Talos Arctica and Krios microscopes. This duty requires 
interfacing with FEI engineers to ensure optimal performance of the 

•Maintain ancillary, cryo-EM related equipment such as Vitrobot, glow 
discharger etc.

•Load samples and align microscopes prior to data collection

•Train and oversee users for data collection

•Evaluate quality of data obtained by users

•Interface and collaborate with High Performance Computing team, who 
will assist with computational needs for optimal data collection, 
storage and data processing

•Interface and collaborate with Microscopy Core, which houses electron 
microscopes for preliminary screening of samples

•Implement data collection strategies that will benefit our user community

•Maintain accurate logs for microscope performance and usage

*Key element of the job:*

•This facility will be optimized for high throughput data collection. 
Developing a pipeline that fits well with our users will be a key part 
of this job. Although the manager is expected to consult with faculty 
supervisors, he/she will be given flexibility and responsibility to 
develop a pipeline that generates high quality data in an efficient manner.


•PhD in structural biology, biochemistry or related field

•At least 2 years of cryo EM experience, with expertise in handling 
samples, using microscopes and evaluating images

•Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

•Knowledge of the principles of transmission electron microscopy

•General understanding of single particle cryo EM workflow; experience 
in cryo electron tomography is a plus

•Special consideration will be given to candidates with management 
experience or a record of achievement in collaborative, team-driven 

*The Ideal Candidate:*

In addition to meeting all the requirements above, the ideal candidate 
will also bring enthusiasm and passion to developing our new facility. 
We are looking for a colleague who will be excited about interacting 
with researchers at all levels and will consistently strive to maintain 
a state-of-the-art facility. The EM manager will be an key component of 
our new cryo EM initiative, and as such, will play a crucial role in 
shaping the new facility. This job is an excellent opportunity for an 
electron microscopist who is interested in a leadership role within the 
vibrant research community at NYU School of Medicine.

*Salary *will be competitive and *job title *will depend on 
qualifications of the candidate.

To apply for this position, please email cryoemnyu at gmail.com and include:

1)Cover letter


3)Contact information for 3 references

David L. Stokes
Skirball Institute, Dept. of Cell Biology
NYU School of Medicine
tel: 212-263-1580
fax: 212-263-2150

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