[3dem] Cryo-EM Facility Manager at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Furukawa, Hiro furukawa at cshl.edu
Thu Feb 2 08:26:16 PST 2017

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) is seeking a cryo-EM facility manager. CSHL is installing a FEI Titan Krios coupled to a Gatan direct electron detector. The facility manager will be involved in the maintenance, development, and application of modern cryo-EM technologies including single particle analysis and cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET). Job responsibilities will include operation and maintenance of the microscope, accessory units such as a Vitrobot, and computational infrastructure (storage/software updates). The facility manager will also help with a new/exciting cryo-EM course at CSHL, which is projected to start soon. The candidate should have a degree in engineering, physics, biological sciences, material sciences or a related field of science and extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of electron microscopes and sample preparation. Please send your CV and a research statement describing your relevant work experience to Hiro Furukawa at furukawa at cshl.edu<mailto:furukawa at cshl.edu>

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