[3dem] Erratum (wrong link): Group leader position at IECB, Bordeaux, France

Rémi Fronzes r.fronzes at iecb.u-bordeaux.fr
Fri Jun 17 14:40:23 PDT 2016

Dear Colleagues

I would like to draw your attention to the on-going call for junior group leaders at the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology in Pessac (Near Bordeaux, France).
This is an open call but junior groups in cryoEM (SPA or CryoET) are encouraged to apply. 

We are installing a Talos Artica (FEI) equipped with a direct detector in the institute, and the current facility is also equipped with  a CM120 (120 kV) and Tecnai F20 (200 kV) cryo-EM.

Details can be found at http://www.iecb.u-bordeaux.fr/index.php/fr/actualites/196-project-leader-positions-at-iecb-bordeaux-2016 <http://www.iecb.u-bordeaux.fr/index.php/fr/actualites/196-project-leader-positions-at-iecb-bordeaux-2016>
(somehow the link I posted in my previous Email was pointing to a previous call I advertised on this list)

Best regards

Rémi Fronzes

PS:sorry for the multiple Emails

Rémi Fronzes
Group Leader
European Institute of Chemistry and Biology
CNRS UMR 5234 Microbiologie Fondamentale et Pathogénicité.

IECB - Univ. Bordeaux
2 rue Robert Escarpit, 
33607 Pessac, France

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