[3dem] PostDoc in cryo-EM and image processing in Basel, Switzerland

Henning Stahlberg henning.stahlberg at unibas.ch
Sat Feb 27 01:26:03 PST 2016

A PostDoc position is available in the BioEM Lab of the University of Basel, Switzerland.

We are looking for a person with experience in single particle cryo-EM and image processing, using RELION, FREALIGN, EMAN2, and other packages. The position is available immediately, and funded initially for two years, with the possibility for multi-year extension and possible transition into a permanent position. The role of this person should be to perform cryo-EM sample preparation and cryo-EM data collection, and perform advanced image processing and 3D reconstructions. Expertise in single particle image analysis is required.
Several high-impact biological projects are waiting, including studying larger membrane protein complexes by cryo-EM as single particles, as well as helical assemblies.  

The person should serve as liaison between the BioEM Lab, which is a newly established high-resolution cryo-EM service facility at the the Center for Cellular Imaging and NanoAnalytics of the Univeristy of Basel, and the laboratory of biomolecular research at the Paul-Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Villigen. An interaction with collaborators and clients from the pharmaceutical industry interested in membrane protein structure determination is also foreseen.

This position involves high-resolution cryo-EM structural work on membrane proteins, for which our FEI Titan Krios (Quantum-LS GIF / K2 Summit) and the FEI Polara (K2 Summit) are outstanding instruments. We also operate a number of additional instruments for sample screening and cryo-EM grid analysis, including a FEI Talos, CM200FEG, T12, CM100, CM10, Versa3D, and others. Large computer clusters are available. The lab atmosphere is especially nice, and the city of Basel in Switzerland at the border to Germany and France has a beautiful historic center and a rich culture, and provides a high standard of living. This is a good place to live and to do science.

If you are interested, please contact Henning.Stahlberg at unibas.ch for further infos. 

Henning Stahlberg, PhD
Prof. for Structural Biology, C-CINA, Biozentrum, University Basel
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