[3dem] cryo-EM equipment for sale

Dorit Hanein dorit at sanfordburnham.org
Thu Sep 4 04:33:32 PDT 2014

Dear 3DEM List Members,

 Following a recent upgrade of our cryo-TEM instruments, we are exploring the possibility of selling some of the auxiliary equipment previously serving the Tecnai F20 TEM (FEI company). All items detailed are performing (beyond) specifications and are in perfect working conditions.

 The auxiliary equipment list  includes:

·      1. One  GIF 2002 Gatan’s 2nd generation post-column energy filter, equipped with cryo-sensitive 2K x 2K MSC CCD camera, controllers and a retractable TV-rate camera. The system has always been under service contract.

·      2. Two DH626 Single Tilt Liquid Nitrogen Cryo Transfer Holders, 60º and 70º, with transfer stations, Gatan Inc

·      3. One CT3500TR Single Tilt Rotation Liquid Nitrogen Cryo Transfer Holder, Transfer Station and Controller, Gatan Inc.

·      4. Two Advanced-Tomography Holders Model 2020, Fischione Instruments, Inc.

·      5. One:  CompuStage Rotation Holder, Room Temperature, FEI company   

Pictures:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eaa00cb3wuleg2o/AAD2GPawJUsRNNPxRppy5sq4a

If you are interested in any of the above items please contact me at dorit at burnham.org for more information and pricing.

Best wishes



Dorit Hanein, PhD
Bioinformatics and Structural Systems Biology Program
Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute

Adjunct Professor
Pathology, University of California San Diego

email:  dorit at burnham.org
web: sanfordburnham.org/hanein

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Laura Nelson
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