[3dem] FalconII cooling error after water chiller failure

Jian Shi jamonshi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 09:32:21 PST 2014

Dear Listers,

Since no FEI guys answer my emails, I have to post my question here:

Our water chiller failed on Sunday 2:30pm, and was only restored by Monday morning 11am. After restarting, the FalconII cooling only can reach half way to its setting point and gives a failure error continuously. According to the log, the FalconII temperature continues rise all the way up to 50 degree Celsius after water stops. Local engineer basically dismantle and reassemble the chip/cooling parts, increase water flow, lower the water temperature, etc. Nothing works so far. Now we in the long pause waiting a spare part without knowing what is wrong. 

But why Falcon II temperature rise way above room temperature without water flow? Are 50degree damaging to the FalconII chip or internal electronics, thermal couple etc? Is this preventable in the future, since chiller failure are quite common? Did you have similar experience in your facility? Your inputs are appreciated very much.

Thanks and Regards,

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