[3dem] Utilizing the Xeon Phi

Andreas Schenk andreas_schenk at hms.harvard.edu
Wed Nov 12 14:03:19 PST 2014

Dear Dewight,

The Xeon Phis can be used for both shared-memory multiprocessing and 
distributed-memory multiprocessing (through MPI) but in either case the 
software will need to be recompiled to support the Xenon Phi processors. 
The Texas Advanced Computing Center uses Xenon Phi cards in their 
Stampede cluster. Their user guide for stampede ( 
https://portal.xsede.org/tacc-stampede ) has a description of the 
different application scenarios for the Phi coprocessors as well as a 
guide to the relevant software flags for compilation.


On 11/12/2014 10:08, Dewight R. Williams wrote:
> Dear 3dem,
> Has anyone performed 3D single particle reconstruction on the new 
> Intel Xeon Phi boards? When you performed this work did the software 
> need to be recompiled or was it implemented through standard openMPI?  
> What software were you using Frealign, Relion, Xmipp, EMAN2, etc? 
> Thanks, I’m debating on which architecture I want to invest in for a 
> local cluster and any feedback on these questions would be very 
> appreciated.
> Dewight


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