[3dem] An earlier, more relevant graphene reference might be:

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Comolli, L.R., Shin, S-H., Siegerist, C. E., Regan, W.,  Zettl, A.,
Bertozzi, C., and De Yoreo, J. (2013). Conformational transitions at an
S-layer growing boundary resolved by cryo-TEM. *Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.
Engl., *52, 4829-32. Featured as May-2013 Inside Journal Cover. doi:

Why more relevant: because instead of "proposing" to use graphene it goes
ahead and just does so, to solve an original scientific question. The paper
you reference is a year later, and quite strangely does not acknowledge
previous work.

Use of plasma treated graphene  is another method that you can try -  see
recent Nat. Methods paper by Lori and group "Controlling protein adsorption
on graphene for cryo-EM using low-energy hydrogen plasmas. Russo CJ,
Passmore LA.  Nat Methods. 2014 Jun;11(6):649-52.

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