[3dem] Postdoctoral Position in cryo-EM at Columbia University

Joachim Frank jf2192 at columbia.edu
Thu May 29 12:35:33 PDT 2014

*Postdoctoral position available immediately in the laboratory of Dr. 
Joachim Frank at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular 
Biophysics, Columbia University, New York. *

Applications will be considered from highly motivated individuals with a 
Ph.D. degree in the Natural Sciences. Preference will be given to 
applicants with demonstrated expertise in experimental and computational 
aspects of cryo-electron microscopy.The project will focus on the 
biogenesis of eukaryotic ribosomes, in collaboration with Dr. Arlen Johnson.

The Frank Lab conducts in-depth research on the mechanism of protein 
synthesis in bacteria and eukaryotes, using single-particle cryo-EM of 
/in vitro/ samples.  Three-dimensional density maps reconstructed are 
interpreted in terms of atomic coordinates by flexible fitting and 
homology modeling.  By using classification of heterogeneous samples, 
multiple states of molecular complexes are characterized.

The EM facility in the Frank Lab, situated on the Medical Campus, has a 
300-kV FEI Tecnai Polara transmission electron microscope (TEM) equipped 
with a K2 Gatan Summit 4k x 4k camera, capable of single-electron 
counting, and a 200-kV FEI Tecnai TEM with a Gatan 4k x 4k CCD camera.

Qualified applicants should send CV, including the names of three 
references, and a statement of career goals to Masgan Saidi 
(ms4597 at columbia.edu <mailto:ms4597 at columbia.edu>).

Joachim Frank, Ph.D.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator,
Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics,
and Department of Biology, Columbia University,
650 W. 168th Street, Black Building 2-221
New York, NY 10032
(T) 212 305-9510  (Masgan Saidi, admin. assistant 212 305-9512)
(F) 212 305-9500
(E) jf2192 at columbia.edu

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