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Dear Benoit,

usually you should be ok when the holder is sent with the customs 
declaration 'return to manufacturer for repair'. This is an available 
option you can choose e.g. with FedEx when you process your shipment. 
You should be able to still insure your shipment. In the case you choose 
'commercial product' or so you have to file the tax value with the same 
or higher amount as the insured value. Other forwarders allow to insure 
your shipment at a value higher/different that the tax value e.g. like TNT.

The information I found on the Swiss customs page is kind of confusing, 
what they mean is that you have to pay tax for a repair costs (or 
improvement, added parts ect) when the goods are returned.

On the export there should not be any taxation for a 'return to 
manufacturer for repair'.

I hope that helps. Good luck!

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> Dear list members,
> A slightly off topic question: has anyone experience with shipping expensive products for repair to the US and having transport insured against loss and damage?
> We need to send a cryoholder to the US for repair. We are of course ready to pay for an insurance but my concern is that if we declare the value of the holder, an invoice for several 1000s dollars taxes might be issued by US customs on the way out, and same by Swiss customs when the holder is sent back to us after repair.  So far I could not get clear answers from courrier companies.
> Thank you in advance
> Benoit
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