[3dem] Gatan model-910 cryo holder

Garry Morgan g.morgan1 at uq.edu.au
Wed May 14 17:40:56 PDT 2014

Hello list-
I’m thinking about purchasing a Gatan 910 (multi-specimen) cryo-holder for our lab, and i have a couple questions.  i’m curious if anyone has one of these and could offer an opinion on it (i.e., pros & cons, or any problems encountered).  i would be using this holder on 2 FEI Tecnai’s (F30 and T12), each fitted with a cryo-box and twin pole piece.  does anyone know if this holder can be used with the FEI cryo-box?  i’m assuming the tip extends further into the column in order to position the grid furthest up the rod so that it’s in the path of the beam (but maybe this is wrong???).  i would appreciate any input on this.

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