[3dem] Aclar 33C film 50 micrometers

Cristina Berciu cberciu at brandeis.edu
Thu Feb 27 20:58:13 PST 2014

Hi everybody,
My name is Cristina Berciu and I m a postdoc in Daniela Nicastro lab, at
Brandeis University.
We are interested in finding to purchase  *Aclar 33C film  50 micrometers
thickness  (2mil), *not thicker.

*Does anyone have it? No matter which amount you have and you are willing
to provide it to us, it would be extremely helpful to us.*

*We really need it and cannot find it  to buy anywhere. We could find only
200 micrometers thickness (7.8 mil), but that s not proper for our purpose.
It s too thick.*
*Please let me know if you can help us. We would really appreciate your

*All the best,*
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