[3dem] GPU-based Tomography software

Noble, Alex ajn10d at fsu.edu
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Hi Xiaofeng,

Yes. I have been using Dynamo<http://dynamo.bioz.unibas.ch/> for most of my tomography processing needs for over a year. The alignment procedure in Dynamo supports single GPUs and clusters of GPUs, along with cpus and cpu clusters. Our computing center has 7 independent workstations, each with 2 GPUs. I have written an in-house script that turns these workstations into a cluster of 14 GPUs for subtomogram alignments Dynamo. The speedup is tremendous. 8 alignment iterations of 10,000 particles with 56 boxsize takes about 8 hours. The software includes a classification pipeline and can assist with manifold-modelling for subvolume extraction and averaging. Give it a shot.

-Alex Noble
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Dear all,

Does anyone know any existing tomography software which has GPU implemented, except for tomo3d?

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